Saturday afternoon Workshops

Class I with Emily [Int] ~ 11:30 – 12:30
Dancing for the blind
Or rather blindfolded. It’s often said that there are three connections in dance:  the music, your partner, and the floor. Dancing blind enhances all three and can make the dancing experience entirely new.

Leads and follows will spend time dancing without the advantage of sight. Take this opportunity to feel into your partner’s body mechanics and create a strong kinesthetic connection as you jump head first into the world of feeling and trust. Both leads and follows will find themselves more connected, more stable, and more confident when their sight is returned. 

Class I with Jules [Adv] ~ 11:30 – 12:30
Description coming soon

Class II with Emily [Adv] ~ 12:35 – 13:35
Tango Moves for the Fusion World
Take a dive into Tango and come out with a new Fusion.  We will make the fundamental secrets of Tango structure and technique easy and fun so you can bust open your Fusion creativity box. Once we get down the basics we will work with the Tango spiral, split weight and the followers axis to give you concrete cool moves and listening skills to spice up your Fusion world.

Class II with Jules [Int] ~ 12:35 – 13:35
Description coming soon

13:35 – 14:50 : LUNCH 

Class III with Emily [all level]  ~ 14:50 – 15:50
Deep Connection
Do you want to up level your ability to lead and follow more intricate and advanced moves?  If so, it’s all about your dance connection. If partner dancing were a pearl necklace– the moves are the pearls and connection is the string that holds them together. The stronger the string/connection the finer the necklace.  This means more creativity, more fun, and more cool moves!

Get ready for an advanced and in depth look at connection. I will be teaching principles that I have gathered over years of dancing. All of which I wish I knew from the beginning.

Class III with Jules [all level]  ~ 14:50 – 15:50
Description coming soon

Class IV with Emily [Adv] ~ 15:55 – 16:55
Tango Power and Rotational Momentum
Fire your partner dance and connection into a new dimension of fun! We are going to delve deep into techniques centered around axis control and off-axis ‘colgadas’ borrowed from Tango. Then it’s time to fly into shared axis turns, and off-axis hang time (and maybe even spin time). Increase your fun factor exponentially with balance, awareness, and stability in your dance.

Class IV with Jules [Int] ~ 15:55 – 16:55
Description coming soon

Class V with Emily [Int] ~ 17:00 – 18:00
Elastic Flash and Dynamic Suspension
In this class we will build your leading and listening skills to dynamize your dance with swoosh and whoosh!   Build fun, dynamic moves that involve leverage, suspension and lots of elasticity. Leads and follows will explore how to clearly and safely use momentum to create a new dynamic dimension to your dance.

Class V with Jules [Adv] ~ 17:00 – 18:00
Description coming soon

Drop-in workshops

Friday night 8:30 | WCS | with Gaétan Grondin

Anchor Step secret sauce – In this workshop, we will approach the structure of WCS and mainly study the function of the Anchor Step, which is one of the characteristic elements of WCS. You will learn how to use the concept of the Anchor Step, in the context of fusion. We will study some concept of traveling sideways, which can be carried out using an Anchor Step.

Saturday night 8:30 | Cartoon Slow Motion | with Tybaldt Ulrich

Direct but slow sustained movements. Let us dance with large, slow movements, relying on the completion of an action, rather than a rhythm to determine the pace of a dance.

Sunday afternoon 1:00 | Qigong | with Tristan Stark

Qi Gong is a powerful resource to draw on to ground energy, revitalize presence, and relax into the healthy pleasure of being embodied, just as it is. This class will invite participants to  s l o w d o w n  to cultivate an experience of being deeply resourced in mind and body. While the practices of Qi Gong are simple, the full experience of practicing them involves mindful tracking of sensations and breath and invites a state of curiosity of moment to moment awareness of the here and now. Such curiosity is a great treasure, because it opens to what wants to happen next…

Sunday night 8:30 | Fusion Juice with a drop of kiz | with Erin June

Dancing small has never been so yummy! This fun and playful class aims to uncover softness in your connection and a juicy, grounded musical expression. Enjoying close embrace, playing with small steps and expressing the music through body isolations – this class is all about finding big flavour in your micro moves. What better way to end your fusion weekend?!

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The chance to win a private lesson with the teacher of your choice:
Emily or Jules
Tickets on sale Friday & Saturday during the dances and workshops.
Winners picked at the end of the Saturday main dance.
Privates happening on Sunday.