Heriberto Perez

Heriberto Perez (Eddie for short) is one of the main instructors and co-owner of Viva Dance Studio. He specializes in competitive and social dancing with a focus on lead, follow & technique teaching dances like Argentine Tango, Salsa, Mambo On2, Cha-Cha Boogaloo, Latin Body Movement, Blues & more. Heriberto was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico before moving to Philadelphia. In 2004, Heriberto began working at Viva! Dance Studio. In 2011, he decided to open a studio of his own and became owner of Latin Soul Ballroom. Three years later he again joined forces with Rebecca Sweet and Parker Amsel to create the new Viva Dance Studio in 2014. Heriberto loves to travel. His unique style makes him a favorite lead and guest instructor wherever he goes. Since taking up dance as his full time career in 2001, he has performed and taught with different professionals in the United States, Canada and Europe. Eager to be a part of the growing dance community, he strives to share his love for many different styles of dance with his students and peers. Heriberto believes it is important as an instructor to continue his dance education as well. He is constantly fine-tuning his technique and discovering new ways to help his students learn.

For private lesson during the weekend: designperez@gmail.com

Tybaldt Ulrich

Tybaldt Ulrich, a Champion competitor in West Coast Swing and Hustle, has been teaching since the mid 90’s. He competed, taught, and performed WCS, Hustle, Carolina Shag, Argentine Tango, Lindy, Salsa, Zouk, 2Step, Ballroom, and Balboa, traveling across the country with then wife and partner Hazel Mede-Ulrich. They directed teams and studied with many traditional masters in these styles. Known for his musicality, Tybaldt has an Ethnomusicology degree from the University of North Texas, focussed primarily on Ghanaian and Afro Caribbean percussion music. His teaching tends to focus on partnership, helping people become safe, creative, conversational dancers.

For private lesson during the weekend: tybaldt@gmail.com

Dance Drop-in Teachers

Scott Chilstedt | WCS on Friday night

Scott Chilstedt founded the Burlington Westie community in 2011 and served as its head instructor for 6 years. In those years he taught over 1,300 unique students how to dance West Coast Swing. Since then, he has been traveling the world practicing mindfulness meditation, thru hiking, and cultivating a diverse portfolio of dance knowledge. As a student and social dancer Scott has attended over 100 dance event weekends and intensives. As a teacher he has taught at WCS events like New Year’s Dance Extravaganza and Upstate Dance Challenge. He enjoys dozens of forms of partner dance, and is especially fond of West Coast Swing, Fusion, Zouk, Country Western, Modern Jive, and Blues..

Charles Ogar | Kizomba on Saturday night

I am Charles Ogar and I’m fully addicted and in love with dance!! I am a full-time, professional Kizomba instructor, choreographer, and dancepreneur (an entrepreneur in the dance world). I travel all over the world spreading Neo Kizomba. I always strive to teach and dance with my heart and let my light shine through my dance to inspire others to do the same. My specialty is kizomba, though I have been dancing salsa and bachata for about 14 years. I first learned the basic steps for salsa in my first of year of college. I quickly gained a strong foot in the basics and began adding my own energetic, style and flavor. From here, I expanded my dancing to bachata, punta, samba, cha cha, salsa on2, a bit of cuban salsa, and now Kizomba. I truly love how Kizomba uniquely embodies connection between the ground, your partner, and the music.

Florence Leclerc | Baladi on Sunday afternoon

After college studies in theatre and then in dance, Florence began working full time as a teacher, performer and choreographer in oriental dance. Her experience in ballet, contemporary dance, social and Latin dance and flamenco, as well as her awards in various international competitions, have enabled her to quickly establish herself in the world of oriental dance. She is frequently sought as a choreographer and/or teacher to perfect the training of dancers and troupes from here and abroad. Florence is also the founder and main choreographer of the Ensemble Grace et Beauté, a creative exploration ensemble that complements her solo artistic work. www.florencedanse.com

Daniel Repsch | Micro on Sunday night

Dan is immersed in the music and the movement. He constantly travels internationally teaching and learning, happily sharing his ideas along the way. In his teaching, Dan’s enthusiastic approach brings a focus on innovation, connection, and attention to your partner. Dan is also a veteran DJ, spinning for events across 4 continents and DJing everything from international events to local dances on a weekly basis. He’s also organized both locally and for international events as their Head DJ, including BluesSHOUT! and The Blues Experiment. In the end, Dan is most excited to work hard at improving the dance and to see his students break through their boundaries.