Welcome all fusion lovers, explorers, part & first timers!
This year, Montreal Blue Infusion proudly brings you

Emily Webb & Jules Bertrand

We’re excited as ever to gather social dancers from all horizons in a swirl of happy feet, open arms & dancing hearts.

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Note that the only form of payment accepted at the door is cash.
USD accepted “at par
(if you don’t have exact change, you’ll get the difference in CAD)

All dances, 9 workshops
Earliest birds  100$ 
Snooze button birds  135$ 
Sunday morning birds  155$ 
Door knocking birds 165$ 
All main dances & their drop-ins
& late nights & their yummy buffets
Online birds 85$ 
WORKSHOPS “À LA CARTE” (space permitting)
Saturday workshops 20$ each
Friday main dance (with drop-in) 25$ 
Friday late night (with buffet) 15$ 
Friday all night (both dances) 35$ 
Saturday main dance (with drop-in) 25$ 
Saturday late night (with buffet) 20$ 
Saturday all night (both dances) 35$ 
Sunday afternoon dance (with drop-in) Free
Sunday evening dance (with drop-in) 15$ 


Emily Webb

In 1996 Emily Webb began her love affair with partner dance.  Through the years Emily has studied Tango, Swing, Salsa, Blues, and Fusion dance with some of the top instructors in the world.  Today Tango and Fusion remain Emily’s greatest dance loves. 

Thousands of students across the US and Canada have benefited from Emily’s dynamic and interactive teaching style. Through her years of teaching experience Emily has learned to make even the most complex movements simple and build them from the ground up.  This means you will not only look good while you dance, but feel great to your partners too!

For private lesson during the weekend:

Jules Bertrand

Jules Bertrand Nouyadjam is a dance teacher, performer, choreographer and DJ! He is originally from Cameroon, Africa and has been living in Montreal, Canada since the age of 10. He has been a passionate dancer  for over 15 years,  exploring everything from African dance, brazilian zouk, kizomba, semba, salsa, afro-cuban, bachata and hip hop.  He is inspired by fusion and body isolation. Director of Interfusion Danse!

For private lesson during the weekend:

Dance Drop-in Teachers

Gaétan Grondin | WCS on Friday night

Gaétan is passionate about couple dances of all kinds. This love of variety is rooted in his interest in fusion dance. After a start in Lindy-Hop followed by a few years of absence, it was when he met BLUES and WCS that his dance career began to take shape. He has been teaching these 2 styles for 6 years now. More recently, he added a colour to his palette with Brazilian Zouk; style which he has been teaching for 2 years. Gaétan founded the Pulsation Danse school in Quebec. He travels widely in Canada and the United States to train and participate in a multitude of dance events. He has over 20 years of teaching experience in dance, guitar and martial arts. It’s always a pleasure for Gaétan to transmit his knowledge and passion for dance, to those who want to learn.

Charles Ogar | Kizomba on Saturday night

I am Charles Ogar and I’m fully addicted and in love with dance!! I am a full-time, professional Kizomba instructor, choreographer, and dancepreneur (an entrepreneur in the dance world). I travel all over the world spreading Neo Kizomba. I always strive to teach and dance with my heart and let my light shine through my dance to inspire others to do the same. My specialty is kizomba, though I have been dancing salsa and bachata for about 14 years. I first learned the basic steps for salsa in my first of year of college. I quickly gained a strong foot in the basics and began adding my own energetic, style and flavor. From here, I expanded my dancing to bachata, punta, samba, cha cha, salsa on2, a bit of cuban salsa, and now Kizomba. I truly love how Kizomba uniquely embodies connection between the ground, your partner, and the music.

Tristan Stark | Qigong on Sunday afternoon

Tristan Stark has been a student of somatic disciplines for over 18 years. His orientation towards embodiment is informed by his long term study and practice of Tai Chi, Qigong, Zazen, Yoga Asana, and Somatic Experiencing — a therapeutic model based on animal psycho-biology for full recovery after overwhelming and stressful experiences. The heart of his work as a teacher and therapist is supporting individuals and groups to connect to the inherent resources and deep knowing that are available through experiential Eastern practices and encouraging their integration into an experience of embodied wholeness.

Erin June | Fusion fun on Sunday night

Erin’s love of dance began over 10 years ago with the rhythms of salsa. Since then, her infatuation with different dance styles continues to expand as she explores as many partner and solo dance styles as she can make time for. What’s driven her dance journey has been the desire to express what the music is saying to her in a way that feels authentic to her own body. That has meant “trying on” many different styles in order to find her own dance voice – from kizomba to house dance and many things in between.

In partner dancing, she loves the dynamic experience of listening deeply while also finding ways to sew her own dance expression into the connection. From whispered isolations to vibing in a groove, she loves the range of dance conversations that can happen on the fusion floor. For the past few years, she has been teaching in her home scene, Dance Alchemy Toronto.


Saturday afternoon Workshops

Class I with Emily [Int] ~ 11:30 – 12:30
Dancing for the blind
Or rather blindfolded. It’s often said that there are three connections in dance:  the music, your partner, and the floor. Dancing blind enhances all three and can make the dancing experience entirely new.

Leads and follows will spend time dancing without the advantage of sight. Take this opportunity to feel into your partner’s body mechanics and create a strong kinesthetic connection as you jump head first into the world of feeling and trust. Both leads and follows will find themselves more connected, more stable, and more confident when their sight is returned. 

Class I with Jules [Adv] ~ 11:30 – 12:30
Description coming soon

Class II with Emily [Adv] ~ 12:35 – 13:35
Tango Moves for the Fusion World
Take a dive into Tango and come out with a new Fusion.  We will make the fundamental secrets of Tango structure and technique easy and fun so you can bust open your Fusion creativity box. Once we get down the basics we will work with the Tango spiral, split weight and the followers axis to give you concrete cool moves and listening skills to spice up your Fusion world.

Class II with Jules [Int] ~ 12:35 – 13:35
Description coming soon

13:35 – 14:50 : LUNCH 

Class III with Emily [all level]  ~ 14:50 – 15:50
Deep Connection
Do you want to up level your ability to lead and follow more intricate and advanced moves?  If so, it’s all about your dance connection. If partner dancing were a pearl necklace– the moves are the pearls and connection is the string that holds them together. The stronger the string/connection the finer the necklace.  This means more creativity, more fun, and more cool moves!

Get ready for an advanced and in depth look at connection. I will be teaching principles that I have gathered over years of dancing. All of which I wish I knew from the beginning.

Class III with Jules [all level]  ~ 14:50 – 15:50
Description coming soon

Class IV with Emily [Adv] ~ 15:55 – 16:55
Tango Power and Rotational Momentum
Fire your partner dance and connection into a new dimension of fun! We are going to delve deep into techniques centered around axis control and off-axis ‘colgadas’ borrowed from Tango. Then it’s time to fly into shared axis turns, and off-axis hang time (and maybe even spin time). Increase your fun factor exponentially with balance, awareness, and stability in your dance.

Class IV with Jules [Int] ~ 15:55 – 16:55
Description coming soon

Class V with Emily [Int] ~ 17:00 – 18:00
Elastic Flash and Dynamic Suspension
In this class we will build your leading and listening skills to dynamize your dance with swoosh and whoosh!   Build fun, dynamic moves that involve leverage, suspension and lots of elasticity. Leads and follows will explore how to clearly and safely use momentum to create a new dynamic dimension to your dance.

Class V with Jules [Adv] ~ 17:00 – 18:00
Description coming soon

Drop-in workshops

Friday night 8:30 | WCS | with Gaétan Grondin

Anchor Step secret sauce – In this workshop, we will approach the structure of WCS and mainly study the function of the Anchor Step, which is one of the characteristic elements of WCS. You will learn how to use the concept of the Anchor Step, in the context of fusion. We will study some concept of traveling sideways, which can be carried out using an Anchor Step.

Saturday night 8:30 | TBA | with TBA

Description coming soon.

Sunday afternoon 1:00 | Qigong | with Tristan Stark

Qi Gong is a powerful resource to draw on to ground energy, revitalize presence, and relax into the healthy pleasure of being embodied, just as it is. This class will invite participants to  s l o w d o w n  to cultivate an experience of being deeply resourced in mind and body. While the practices of Qi Gong are simple, the full experience of practicing them involves mindful tracking of sensations and breath and invites a state of curiosity of moment to moment awareness of the here and now. Such curiosity is a great treasure, because it opens to what wants to happen next…

Sunday night 8:30 | Fusion fun | with Erin June

Kiz-inspired fusion fun – Description coming soon.

1 TICKET 3$ | 2 FOR 5$

The chance to win a private lesson with the teacher of your choice:
Emily or Jules
Tickets on sale Friday & Saturday during the dances and workshops.
Winners picked at the end of the Saturday main dance.
Privates happening on Sunday.



8:30 – 9:30 WCS Drop-in Tango Social Club
7755 St-Laurent
Main: 25$
Late: 15$
Both: 35$
9:30 – 12:30 Main Social
12:30 – 3:00 Late Night

11:30 – 6:00 Workshops with
Emily & Jules
6262 St-Hubert
20$ each

8:30 – 9:30 Drop-in Salsabor
4445 St-Laurent
Main: 25$
Late: 20$
Both: 35$
9:30 – 12:30 Main Social
12:30 – 4:00 Late Night
Jive Studio
4475 St-Laurent

1:00 – 2:00 Drop-in Jarry Park or
La Marche à Côté
5043 St-Denis
2:00 – 5:00 Social

7:00 – 8:30 pre-dance
hang out
Yïsst bar
902 St-Zotique E.
8:30 – 9:30 Drop-in Caravane
6262 St-Hubert
9:30 – 2:00 Social


Tango Social Club

Friday dance – 8:30 to 3:00
7755 St-Laurent #300   |

Access: parking on the street | De Castelneau metro or bus 55
Alcohol: no alcohol permitted

Studio Caravane

Saturday workshops – 11:30 to 6:00
6262 St-Hubert Street  |

Access: parking on the street | Beaubien metro
Alcohol: no alcohol permitted


Saturday main dance – 8:30 to 12:30
4445 St Laurent Blvd   |

Access: parking on the street | Mont-Royal metro or 55 bus
Alcohol: Bar on site (no outside alcohol permitted)

Jive Studio

Saturday late night dance 12:30 to 4:00
4475 St Laurent Blvd   |

Access: parking on the street | Mont-Royal metro or 55 bus
Alcohol: no alcohol permitted

Jarry Park
(weather permitting)
La Marche à côté
(weather NOT permitting)

Dance / potluck / Sunday afternoon picnic 1:00 to 5:00

Access: parking on the street | De Castelneau metro or bus 55
Alcohol: permitted when accompanied by food – bring something for the potluck!

La Marche à côté

Easy-breezy Sunday afternoon dance – 1:00 to 5:00
5043 St-Denis

Access: parking on the street | Laurier metro
Alcohol: Bar on site (no outside alcohol permitted)

Yïsst Bar

Sunday night hang out before the dance – 7:00 to 8:30
Walking distance from Studio Caravane!

901 St-Zotique  |

Access: parking on the street  |  Beaubien metro
Alcohol: rrrrreally good local beers!

Studio Caravane

Sunday night dance – 8:30 to 2:00
 St-Hubert Street  |

Access: parking on the street  |  Beaubien metro
Alcohol: no alcohol permitted



Kathleen Evans (New York)

Kathleen discovered fusion dancing in 2012, coming into the dance with a background in blues, salsa, contra, and bhangra. Her first foundational fusion experience was at the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange, and she vowed to become a dj in part to recreate the excitement of that incredible weekend. For the past few years she’s honed her craft spinning at blues and fusion events in New York City, and has spun Internationally at DJX Fusion Weekend and DJX Summertime in Philadelphia, Motley Hue in NYC, and Montreal Blue Infusion. As a dj, Kathleen likes to create a mood that dancers can play with – whether playful or intense, sexy or soulful. She loves discovering new artists, and she can never resist a good cover.

Sapo (Montreal)

dj sapo

Sapo is mostly appreciated for the eclectic side of her sets, likes to travel back and forth between rootsy organic sounds and electronic ones, minimalist and busy stuff, World-ish songs and North American ones. Head organizer of Montreal Infused, she started the fusion scene there in 2015. She was the music coordinator for Montreal Bagel N Blues from 2009 to 2017 and has Djed at Seattle Fusion Fest, DJX in Philly, Blues Muse, CTLX, Mystic Blues, Frankie’s 95th (blues late night), Melting Pot,Toronto Alchemy/DJX fusion weekend, Vancouver & Montreal blues & fusion dances.

Charlotte Durand (Montreal)


Charlotte – aka DJ ChaCha – was introduced to West Coast Swing in January 2014 in Montreal. For three years now, she has been involved in this great community as a volunteer organiser and for two years, as a WCS DJ. She has also started djing for Swouk and Fusion dance evenings in the past year. She particularly likes to search for covered or remixed hits and loves to surprise dancers with modern music that have a hint of electro swing or even dubstep.

Bo Marchan (Philadelphia)

Raised in the Durham blues and fusion scene, Bo has spent the last several years traveling, dancing and collecting music around the world. Drawn to organic rhythms, percussive beats and candlelit voices, he weaves traditional sounds and contemporary genres together into an intimate dance experience. Currently based in Philadelphia, he has spun tunes for international fusion events and won the DJ battle at the DJ Experiment in 2017.

Emiliano Estevez (Philadelphia)

Emiliano DJs at many events locally and nationally providing a groovy flavor of Blues, Lindy, and Fusion styles of music. He believes that a diverse set will challenge the dancers and make sure that they are listening with their minds and bodies. He also runs DJ Experiment which is an organization created to give DJs, musicians, and dancers a safe place to experiment and grow. Dance is a conversation…

Jim Salminen (Vancouver)

I love DJing. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Has been for 19 years of swing, blues, and fusion. I love feeling the mood and energy of the dancers on the floor and having that take me to my next song choice, and then the next. We take each other on a ride, me following the dancers’ lead and their following mine. That’s what DJing is for me.

Erin June (Toronto)

erin june

Erin’s love of music began in the back yards of rural Ontario, surrounded by a family of rock and roll musicians. Her love of dance began much later, in the romanticized rhythms of salsa. Since then, her infatuation with different music and dance styles has enveloped and expanded beyond these disparate beginnings. As a DJ and a dancer, she loves emotive music that draws in a range of flavours and influences. Erin has been sharing music with the Toronto fusion scene since it’s conception over three years ago and DJs at dance events around Canada and the US.

Wyatt Sloan (Vancouver)

I’ve been dancing Swing, Blues, and Fusion for 9 years. DJing Fusion music for 3 years, with the occasional Blues set, mostly in Vancouver BC, and a little in Bellingham, WA. Last year I was a DJ at Lakeside Fusion II in Port Moody, BC, at Seattle Fusion Festival, and Champagne & Emeralds in Seattle WA, and I will be DJing at Bellingham Fusion Festival in March. I bring my passion for connection and emotional depth to all of my sets.

Carol Shepherd  (Ann Arbor)

Carol is excited to be playing for the first time in Montreal and is ready to be inspired by a whole new crowd of dancers. It’s about sharing experiences. Carol was a founding member of the Michigan fusion dance community in 2013 and continues to help support and expand the scene. She has DJed fusion, alt-tango and blues at several national events including DJX 2015 and 2016, SFF 2016 and Toronto Alchemy 2017, and in the Michigan scene at Blusion 2016, Tango Meets The Blues 2014-2017 and Fuse 2017. She is the DJ coordinator and a resident DJ at First Friday Fusion and Fusion Cafe in Ann Arbor. She says: “When I discover a great new song with dance potential it immediately gives me all kinds of ideas, I feel how it makes me want to move and I have to share it – I love playing for fusion dancers because I love seeing all of your dance ideas and learning how music makes you want to move.”

Dj Chil (Vermont)

DJ chil samples from a wide variety of partner dance genres, built around a core of West Coast Swing, Blues, and Zouk rhythms. His sets often include slow, highly emotive pieces that cultivate intense partner connection and a high degree of musicality. His goal is simple: Fill the floor with partners for you and inspire you to dance.

Jody Glanzer (Ottawa)

Jody has been sharing her love of music and movement through DJing, since 2001. She dances vicariously through each and every person on the dancefloor and it shows. Jody has a passion for sharing artists’ stories told in song and uses them to shape the room’s mood, weaving a magical spell intended to keep you moving. Danceable songs are nice but Jody aspires to play music that compels you to dance, to forget your aching body, ignore your intended departure time and tempt you to put those shoes back on as you’re trying to leave. She makes her choices with dancer inclusion and types of dances in mind. Lindyhop, Blues, Balboa, Shag, WCS, Hustle, or a Fusion of styles, she’ll spin for it and you know it’s gonna be fun!

Code of ethics

We all want to have a good time dancing!

When attending this event, I agree to respect this code of ethics. I am aware that if I don’t, I may be warned or even asked to leave the dance.

For questions or concerns during the event, I will seek out a Safe Space Sentinel, identified by a badge.

For questions regarding “safe space” before, during or after the event, I can write to

Respect & Diversity

  • I will respect myself: I am a valuable member of the fusion dance community, no matter my level of experience, age, sex, gender expression, sexual preferences, body size, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.
  • I will respect others: I recognize that people have different values and viewpoints than I do, and that they are still valuable members of the community.

Personal Boundaries

  • I will strictly respect the physical and personal boundaries of my fellow attendees on and off the dance floor.
  • I can let my partner know that I wish to dance as close together or as far apart as I want, for any reason I want.

Invitations to Dance

  • I will ask someone to dance with respect, and choose to accept or reject requests with respect. I am free to accept and decline dances for whatever reasons I wish.
  • If someone says no, I will accept their answer knowing that I am still a valuable member of the community, and move on to have just as much fun dancing with someone else.
  • As an experienced dancer, I will take at times the initiative to invite a person who recently joined the group, to make them feel welcome. As a new dancer, I am aware that I can feel free to invite anyone to dance and that I am as valuable as they are in this community.

Safety on the Dance Floor

  • I can inform my dance partner if something they do makes me uncomfortable or physically hurts me.
  • Additionally, I will respect my dance partner’s request that I stop doing something that makes them uncomfortable or physically hurts them.
  • I will do my best not to step on, bump, or trip other dancers; I will be gracious if I accidently do, and still gracious if someone does it to me.
  • I will care for my own safety. I am responsible for determining what I can and cannot accomplish on the dance floor.

Sexual Contact

  • I understand that dancing with someone isn’t an invitation for sexual contact; it is about sharing the love of dance.
  • I know that as a responsible adult, if I am uncomfortable with my partner’s actions I am free to be clear with my verbal communication and ask them to change their behaviour.
  • I will speak with a safe space sentinel if for some reason I am unable to communicate with my partner, the behaviour is severe, or it is repeated. If I personally observe inappropriate actions inside the venues or classrooms, I will bring it to the attention of a staff member wearing a white armband.


  • While I am free to give negative feedback, I will do so either when asked, through the Montreal Infusion surveys, or in a manner that is private, open minded, and respectful of the person receiving it.
  • I understand that the social dance floor is for fun, and I should not offer unsolicited dance advice to my partners.
  • I am free to ask for advice from my colleagues any time I want during class. I also understand that everyone learns in their own way, and that I will always ask my partner before I offer my own advice.

Questions or Concerns:

Montreal Blue Infusion’s code of ethics was almost entirely inspired by Motley Hue’s code of conduct. We’d like to thank them for creating this very important and useful document and for their tremendous work for the fusion community.

Protocol of Intervention

The SSS have attended discussions and trainings to prepare them for their role.

They will be using a protocol of intervention to respond to any complaints we receive. If you wish to read this protocol, simply write us: We will treat these issues with the strictest confidentiality. We hope to create a group and culture in which everyone will feel safe enough to come forward, so we can keep incidents from being repeated.

SSS are available for discussion and reassurance, not just formal reports. Don’t wonder if something is “serious enough” to come talk to us – if you are uncomfortable, let us know. We’re here for you!

This protocol was taken from Anne Dagenais’ protocol (and slightly edited), who was herself inspired by RDU Blues’ protocol. We wish to thank them for their tremendous work on this important document and for the dance community.